When life gets busy, we tend to sacrifice our health and well-being. We often settle for processed foods out of the need for convenience. We burden ourselves with hectic schedules to the point of exhaustion. It is a viscous cycle, but you can break free from it! Are you ready to feel great again?

At Fresh-Twist we are here to help you find rejuvenation through nourishment (eating nutrient dense foods), movement (taking time to exercise & stretch), and practicing mindfulness (being grateful and present in each moment).

Fresh­-Twist offers healthy, fresh, convenient, and affordable food and drink options. Our menu was developed by a Certified Holistic Health Coach to create food and drinks that nourish both the mind and body. We also offer educational workshops, cooking classes, and free health documentary movie nights.

Through our online resources, we offer invaluable information including quick & easy healthy recipes and lifestyle tips.

We look forward to guiding you on your journey towards better health. It has been said that our health is our greatest wealth, and we believe this to be very true. We all know it takes time & effort to acquire wealth ­so let’s take time to acquire optimum health because there is nothing better than feeling our best.

Take care of your body, you’ll be living in it for the rest of your life.